Cinzia Scarcelli

Cinzia Scarcelli

Founder and Director, SCN8A Italia ODV

Cinzia is mother of 3 kids: Aron, Edit and Tomi. And more, she is twins mum, adoptive mum and rainbow mum.

Aron was diagnosed with de novo SCN8A most frequent variant, Arg1872Trp, when he was 6 months old.

Aron inspired Cinzia to bring together Italian families and set up SCN8A Italia ODV, based in Milan, where she lives.

Aron also inspired her to work closely with other European (and beyond) families, patient advocates and scientists in order to improve the lives of children like her beautiful son and create positive community impact.

Cinzia has got a Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and a second one in Clinical Nutrition.

Currently she works as registered Dietician Nutritionist in collaboration with psychologists.

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